Thursday, July 9, 2009

FUNFAIR @ INTI - 7-8 JULY 2009

hey hey cupcakes people...~

Sugar Land di INTI FUNFAIR baru baru ni... walaupon kami tak pegi jage booth tapi crew2 kami yang happening nih berjaya menjual cupcakes dengan jayanye... heheh SOLD OUT YOU~
credit to my crew AZIZI, DILA, POOK and CHRIS. you guys the best! heheheh

here we share with you some of the best moment there.(even i'm not there :P)

the team~
they call this cutie "lady Gaga' hahahhaha

delicious chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese oreo!


dila,pook,chris and the girl that i dont know her name (sorry dear)

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